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Former SGA president Anthony Allen sets the record straight. By: Jervelle Frederick It is no secret that SGA underwent a drastic executive change over the summer. Anthony Allen, 21, who won the presidency for the 2014- 2015 academic term, was replaced by his vice president (VP) and cousin, Aneesa Osborne. As scandalous as that may […]


LIU BROOKLYN’S NEW STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION CHIEF AND WHAT SHE PLANS. By Jervelle Frederick Aneesa Osborne, 20, will be LIU Brooklyn’s new president after Anthony Allen’s surprise resignation over the summer. She will be the first woman to hold the position since 2006. In April, Osborne took her seat as vice president of LIU Brooklyn’s […]

The Allen Administration: Take 2

BY JERVELLE FREDERICK & NOELANI MONTERO LIU Brooklyn’s Fall 2014 semester will mark Anthony Allen’s second term as President of the Student Government Association (SGA). He looks to a future of reshaping LIU’s campus culture. He notes that his first term has helped him to understand the lengths to which he can accomplish and is […]

SGA Election Slows Due To Unforseen Difficulties

BY NOELANI MONTERO Since the 2014 SGA election race began, the entire process has been hindered by a series of gaffes and hiccups —including a missing presidential candidate, low debate turnout, and a less than enthusiastic get-out-the-vote effort. The latest stumbling episode happened on April 1 when the voting machines were out of commission for […]

Meet The Candidates: Jeff Garraway

BY SIENNA JEFFRIES Meet Jeff Garraway; a business finance major, a LIU Brooklyn freshman, and a sophomore council candidate for the upcoming Student Government Association (SGA) elections. Garraway was born on the Caribbean island, Grenada, and spent most of his childhood playing his favorite sport, soccer, with his two younger siblings. “Back at home, before […]

Meet The Candidates: Damilola Adeniyi

BY HAFEEZAH NAZIM Freshman Damilola Adeniyi is running for Student Government Association’s (SGA) sophomore council. Even though Adeniyi is a Biology major, she has always been curious about the mechanics of politics. “I wanted to join freshman council but decided not to because I didn’t want to do too much in the first semester. So, […]

The Annual LIU Spring Fashion Show

BY: ARIS FOLLEY This year annual LIU Brooklyn Fashion show highlights an evening in which, some upcoming fashion designer presented culture and fashion. “The Annual LIU Brooklyn Fashion Show,” was presented by SGA in Luntey Commons on April 25. At this rich culturally infused fashion bonanza, students were able to witness a flowing showcase of […]

LIU Brooklyn Changes To Voting Polls

BY: SHAELYNE MOODIE With the recent SGA Executive Election, LIU Brooklyn has taken a new technical avenue in terms of collecting the voting ballots. After many years of the students physically clicking and drawing back the handle to cast a ballot, the voting ballot is now be touchscreen; as simple as an easy tap to […]

Meet SGA Treasury Candidate: Aneesa Osborne

BY: SHAELYNE MOODIE Say hello to Aneesa Osborne. The Brooklyn native and second year Political Science major is currently running for the position of Student Government Association Treasurer. Osborne is already quite familiar with holding an executive role with the clubs and organizations on campus, as she is currently Vice President of the Black Student […]

SGA Presidency And Vice Presidency: Just For Men?

BY: SHANNON THOMAS I sat in Luntey Commons and watched the Student Government Association (SGA) debates on March 26. I found out a great deal of information about the candidates, their platforms and what they had planned to change LIU Brooklyn. As I sat in class that day and recollected the debate and the SGA […]