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Tag: "Presidential Election"

Obama vs. Romney: Who Made The Grade?

BY: KEELEY IBRAHIM Unless you’ve been living under a rock- The 2012 presidential debates are over. Governor Mitt Romney faced off against current president, Barack Obama in three separate debates. These debates ranged from foreign to domestic policy as the candidates spoke at The University of Denver, Hofstra University, and finally Lynn University in Florida. […]

Will You Wait On Line To Vote?

BY: SHANNON THOMAS After the release of popular video game NBA 2K13, one young man wrote “2K13 > Sex” on Twitter. Many GameStops and other video game stores had blocks of long lines filled with anxious gamers ready to get their hands on a copy of the latest game. When the iPhone 5 became available […]

Presidential Forum A Succes at LIU

BY: MATT ROMAGNOLI Another presidential election is upon us, and this year we can expect more youth involvement.  All too often this generation of young voters has been labeled “apathetic” due to the majority’s lackluster enthusiasm for making their voices heard.  LIU Brooklyn’s student body broke any notion of young people being uninformed and unmotivated voters […]

Celebrities Influence on The 2012 Presidential Campaign

BY: KAREN MILLER “Yes we can. Yes, we can change,” were the iconic words of Barack Obama when he was elected president in 2008. Here we are four years later and some say the country has seen little to no change pertaining to such issues as student debt, health care, and employment. While many Americans […]

What a Difference Four Years Makes

BY: KEELEY IBRAHIM Is America better off now than it was four years ago when President Barack Obama was elected to office? This seems to be the recurring question amid Republicans today. Two weeks ago at the Republican National Convention, “If Ryan was trying to relate to and motivate young voters, he missed his mark,” […]

College Kids Politically Empowered: Election 2012

BY: ANTHONY LOUIS The 2012 election is on November 6, and experts say this may be the most historic presidential election in political and American history. Let’s narrow down the audience: what type of impact will this election have on a collegiate level? Statistics reveal that college students make up less than 50 percent of […]