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Too Close For Comfort? LIU Contract With Dining Provider Aramark Is Just Beginning

WRITTEN BY: KASIDY MORALES, NEWS EDITOR REPORTING BY: MICHAEL CHIN, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF In a recent interview with Seawanhaka, Gale Stevens Haynes – vice president of academic a airs and chief operating officer at the Brooklyn Campus – confirmed that LIU’s contract with Aramark, the university’s longtime food service provider, will run through at least 2025. “It’s […]

LIU Grappling With Change

BY NOELANI MONTERO For the first time in 28 years, LIU Brooklyn has undergone major administrative changes. The school’s new President Kimberly Cline is the woman behind these alterations. Changes such as condensing LIU’s public relations department, flat-rate tuition, and mass firings, students and faculty have become weary of the school’s current situation. Over the […]

The Buzz

BY KAREN MILLER Time management is essential for all college students. LIU Brooklyn students are encourage to attend a series of academic workshops to learn how to develop time management. The workshops will take place in the Pratt Building, Monday, September 30 in room 517, between the hours of 5:00-6:00pm. Are you still undecided on […]

The Real Deal: Killer Beauty…Products! What You Don’t Know About Your Cosmetics

By MAGDOLEN KELLEL MPH (C) Lead in lipstick, arsenic in eyeliner and cadmium in mascara? Ladies and gentlemen, listen up! Are you paying attention to the chemicals in your everyday cosmetic products? I hope you are, because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not. The FDA does not require approval of soap and cosmetics […]

Campus Party Ends In Violence, Star Blackbirds Suspended As Result

BY: CHASE MELVIN Four members of the LIU Men’s Basketball team were suspended indefinitely on Sept. 21 after being arrested on assault charges. According to LIU officials, the alleged assaults took place two weeks ago at a campus party. Notable players Julian Boyd, C. J. Garner, Troy Joseph and Jamal Olasewere were arrested and charged […]

LIU Goes Green

BY: LINDSEY WALKER Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus, in conjunction with the LIU Sustainability Committee, is making great strides towards a smaller footprint—a carbon footprint, that is. In it’s second year of action, the Sustainability Committee has already helped to implement more environmentally friendly methods on campus and raise awareness about the dangers of pollution, […]

Al Jazeera’s “Shout” Heard Worldwide

BY: CHASE MELVIN Television journalist May Ying Welsh’s compelling documentary “Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark” garnered international acclaim after its August 2011 debut.  In addition to the George Polk Award for Television Documentary, “Shouting in the Dark” also won the Foreign Press Association Documentary of the Year Award and the Scripps Howard Award for Television […]

Le Grand Triomphe: LIU’s Model UN Team Wins Again in France

BY: REBEKAH GORDON “On ne fait rien de grand sans de grands hommes, et ceux-ci le sont pour l’avoir voulu.” (“Nothing great is done without great men, and they are great because they wanted it.”) Charles De Gaulle, a well-respected French military leader and statesman, wrote those words and there is nothing better that encapsulates […]

Dollars and Cents: LIU Students Grapple With Textbook Prices

BY: JANICE MACK With the cost of college tuition higher than ever before, at least one LIU professor is fighting to reduce the load faced by cash-strapped students at the Brooklyn Campus as it relates to pricey textbooks. For the “Power and Politics” course, the main textbook – which would have cost around $100 – […]

On The Fast Track To Finding A Job

BY: ANTHONY LOUIS On February 23, speed was the name of the game at a networking seminar hosted at the Brooklyn Campus. Hosted by LIU’s Business School, the event allowed students to sit down with employers for brief interviews that lasted for about 10 minutes. After each session, students had their individual performances evaluated by […]