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Tag: "LIU Students"

Meet The Candidates: Sherece Peroune

BY SAGE HOWARD Sherece Peroune is an enthusiastic candidate running for Sophomore Council in LIU’s upcoming SGA elections. With a personality that matches the vibrancy of her native country, Guyana, and drive that afforded her a position as representative in 2013’s Freshmen Council. Peroune hopes to continue her efforts to get more LIU freshmen and […]

Campus Clubs Fear Budget Woes Heading Their Way

BY SAGE HOWARD For most of the semester, LIU has been consumed with uncertainty over the impact of budget cuts being instituted at the Brooklyn Campus. Also worried are leaders of student organizations. And while campus officials contend that the cuts largely won’t affect their bottom line, some student leaders aren’t so sure. In a […]

Watson Fellowship: A Prime Opportunity At LIU

BY JOSH LAMORE LIU is all about helping you find out how good you really are, but what do you do after you find out? Scoring an internship is one good way to go. In fact, the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship program enhances the basic internship opportunity by offering a three year program that expands […]

LIU Student Hobnobs With RHOA stars In NYC

BY ASHLEY THOMPSON On November 19, I learned the When Professor Lewis, whose difference between Cynthia Entertainment Journalism course I am Bailey a real housewife of taking sent out an offer to the entire Atlanta and Cynthia Bailey the fashion class to attend the New York book myself and fellow classmate Taiesa Heath jumped at […]

LIU’S Original’s Tecchically Speaking

BY BIANCA OTTLEY Technically Speaking is seven original plays written by LIU students. The plays all have the theme of communication in the age of digital immersion. These talented writers had the challenge of writing an entire play, lasting only a few minutes with the message behind it. On opening night, the audience members filled […]

Spotlight Kayode CO. Jewlery

BY JERVELLE FREDERICK A new empire is being built in the world of fashion and the young man behind it all is determined to fight his way to the top. Olukayode A. Owolabi Jr., third year Business Administration major at LIU’s Brooklyn campus, is the founder and CEO of a jewelry company called Kayode Co. […]

Student Spotlight Perla Jorge the New GM of WLIU Radio

BY SHANNON THOMAS This week’s Student Spotlight is on LIU Brooklyn senior, Perla Jorge, the new general manager of the campus radio station, WLIU. Jorge became involved with WLIU during the Spring 2009 semester. She started off as a staff member and her love for music motivated her to become more involved at the station, […]