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Students Lack Financial Literacy

BY KAREN MILLER Ian Smith graduated from Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn, NY. When asked if he knew the importance of “financial literacy,” Smith stated he never thought about it before. Before the recession occurred in 2008, Ralph Baker founded the New York Shock Exchange—a program that teaches the importance of financial literacy […]

Abolishing “One and Done”

BY JUSTIN ELLIS In 2005, the NBA instituted a rule now known by most as “one-and-done.” The rule demands that a player can only enter the NBA draft after he is one year removed from high school. This rule needs to be ended immediately. The NFL draft eligibility rule is three years after high school. […]

This Week In Sports

BY JUSTIN ELLIS Before Nov. 17, 1940, traveling by bus to away games by NFL teams was the norm. On this day, the Green Bay Packers decided to try something new by getting hopping on a plane to play the New York Giants. For the Packers, there must have been some jetlag as they lost […]

Chor Boogie Comes To NYC

BY KABRAUN DIXON After traveling the world and painting in places like Los Angeles, Brazil, Dubai and Australia. Alongside other works from some of the best street artists of the world, muralist and artist, Chor Boogie is preparing to lighten up Times Square with his original work. Boogie, with other artists from Poland and Puerto […]

Life After Football For Tony Dorsett

BY JUSTIN ELLIS After he was drafted in 1977, NFL teams spent a lot of energy trying to stop Hall Of Fame Running Back Tony Dorsett of the Dallas Cowboys. Judging by his 12,379 yards and Super Bowl ring, they failed miserably. Sadly, since his career has come to a close ended, something Dorsett could […]

This Week In Sports

BY JUSTIN ELLIS Willie Mays or as he is widely known as, “The Say Hey Kid” was an extraordinary baseball player. His career began and ended in New York, starting with the Giants and finishing with the Mets. In Nov. 1, 1965, Mays won the MVP award. It was quite deserved as Mays hit 52 […]

LIU Goes Bump In The Night

BY SHANNON THOMAS After various student complaints regarding the lack of campus parties, The Student Government Association sponsored the first official party of the fall semester on Oct. 31. The Paramount Gym was ghoulishly decorated to coincide with the Halloween themed festivities while WLIU Radio provided music for the evening. Approximately 380 students were in […]

Spotty Wi-Fi Connection? LIU IT Unit Says, Call Us

BY SARAI ARROYO For many Brooklyn Campus students, trying to get online through LIUNet has–at times– proven to be a trying affair. Though significant improvements have been made to the campus’ network connections, students feel that there are still some enhancements that should be made. LIU Brooklyn’s Information Technology (IT) Department, which oversees the school’s […]

Because I’m Black

BY KAREN MILLER Douglas Grimes, an African- American male form Brooklyn, NY, has faced racial profiling from major retail stores such as Bloomingdales and Macy’s. While shopping in the 59th Street department store, Grimes noted that the employees made him feel as though he did not belong there. Grimes felt this occurred because of the […]

Weekly Wrap Up

BY ANN DULUC Rumor has it that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are heading to splitsville. According to Us Weekly, aclose source of Ryan said, “he can be moody and she’s insecure. She sees a text from a mystery number and assumes he’s talking to other girls… I wouldn’t be surprised if they split for […]