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Suarez In As Entire Baseball Coaching Staff Fired

BY JUSTIN ELLIS, Sports Editor In an exclusive interview with Seawahaka, Athletic Director John Suarez revealed that he had little alternative but to assume the reins of coaching the Brooklyn Campus’ baseball team after what he terms a “coaching staff incident.” Ten games into the season, Suarez became the interim manager for the Blackbirds following the […]

Despite Coaching Changes LIU Continues To Win

BY ALYSSA GOSPODAREK Despite what appears to be a major distraction in the form of a sudden managerial change, the games must go on for the Blackbirds baseball squad. And while the team was gearing up to host a double-header against NJIT on March 23, the game was canceled due to weather. Still, in recent […]

Where Do We Go From Here?

BY JUSTIN ELLIS For the past three years on Selection Sunday if you were looking for the LIU Men’s Basketball team, they were likely huddled around a television awaiting word about their next opponent. However, that won’t be the case this year. During its three-year run of dominance, LIU managed to build something special as […]

City Council Moves To Light Up Teen Smoking Pipeline

BY JUSTIN ELLIS One year after serving a tour of duty in the Middle East, 20-year-old Aashir Khan is still furious about the news. The source of his anger, though, are the tighter restrictions on access to cigarettes in New York City. “It’s sad that I can fight in a war and die for my […]

Might Be Time To Just Blow It Up

BY JUSTIN ELLIS, Sports Editor In 2008 the New York Yankees missed the playoffs. In the off-season, the team spent a ton of money and won a World Series one year later. Facing a similar scenario as they enter a new season, the question remains: Can the Yankees truly party again like it’s 2009? Here’s […]

Movers And Shakers Network On Campus

BY JUSTIN ELLIS Tony Leake has been a fixture in the world of professional sports for more than a decade. As the associate manager for ESPN, he helped to launch the network’s monthly magazine. Long before he began his career he was just a student looking for mentorship. But as Leake appeared before students in […]

This Week In Sports

BY JUSTIN ELLIS On Feb. 2, 1959 the Green Bay Packers made a destiny-altering decision, hiring future Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi. The Brooklyn native would lead his Packers to five NFL Championships and two Super Bowl victories during his tenure. Following Lombardi’s death from cancer in 1970, the NFL agreed to rename its […]

Arthur Kimmel’s Way Of Action

BY JUSTIN ELLIS Walk into Arthur Kimmel’s sociology class and you’re likely to think you are looking at just another professor. But the moment he speaks with his gentle voice, you will begin to know better. He has many interest and desires, but none appear more important than a desire to help others. Inside his […]

Blackbirds Split Doubleheader

BY JUSTIN ELLIS In the midst of a five-game homestand at the Steinberg Wellness Center, LIU Women’s basketball team has dropped its third-straight Northeast Conference game. The Bryant Bulldogs, despite battling foul trouble for the entire game, topped the Blackbirds 76-66. Junior Letava Whippey had 16 points for the Blackbirds and senior Cleandra Roberts put […]

New Fulton Street, Good Or Bad?

BY JUSTIN ELLIS On Fulton Street, Armani Exchange, Starbucks, and Sephora have all set up shop in the past year. An outdoor plaza has been renovated. And in the shadow of LIU, two gleaming, newly-constructed towers are reaching for the sky. This isn’t the gritty Downtown Brooklyn of years past found in the lyrics of […]