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Benefits of being in a relationship in college By Hafeezah Nazim Maintaining relationships as a young adult is hard work. And no, I’m not talking about those on-and-off weekly hook-up “relationships.” I strictly mean the real deal. I’m talking about relationships that don’t falter after a minor disagreement, the ones that work through the toil […]

LIU Distributes New ID Cards

BY NOELANI MONTERO In the fall, LIU Brooklyn issued all its students upgraded identification cards. The new 1-card system enables users at the Brooklyn campus to just “tap and go,” according to Brad Cohen, executive director of operations and human resources. The new cards are the product of a contract between LIU Brooklyn and Blackboard […]

The American Dream: What it means to me

BY RYAN SAHEDO We live in an age where everyone’s stress level has peaked. Whether it’s from work or school – we all share one thing in common, we endure life’s stresses in order to achieve our version of the American Dream. A tradition that started from the time of the Pilgrims, the American Dream […]

The Journey from High School to College

BY CHRISTINA NUNEZ As I look back throughout my last four years of high school, I remembered the excitement of finally graduating and finally being surrounded by new people. High school was supposed to be a time of growing. Unfortunately, for most it was one of the toughest periods in their life. It was a […]

Theft on College Campuses

BY: ANGELICA MARIANO As the technological world continues to thrive around us, the imminent dangers of theft are on the rise. In New York City, a tech-savvy metropolis bursting with locals, commuters and tourists , cell phones have become the number one target of thieves; the mobile devices can quickly be seized from the hands […]

Studying Habits On Campus

BY: JESSICA LISSAINT Two weeks remain and soon the Spring semester at LIU Brooklyn will be a memory of the past. However, within these two weeks, final exam sessions are right around the corner. Studying to me is not cut, paste and dry to my understanding. I like recording notes to listen and digest the […]

The Long Road For Romance

BY: YANA NADELYAEVA Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and while the romance is in the air, I decided to talk with our college students about their relationships and what plans they may have for the big day. Some students on the LIU campus are coping with long-distance love. While the study year is […]

The New “Four-Year” Plan Part One

BY: KEELEY IBRAHIM It takes many college students on average, approximately six years to graduate from a four-year college or university according to a USA Today article. After high school graduation, students usually dream of that pearly white or cream-colored Bachelors degree, but reality sets us back. College students usually plan on completing all their […]