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Photo Credit: Austin Highschool Get to know this fall’s potential twinsation By Toyibat Oridami LIU Brooklyn Men’s Basketball team has acquired a lot of new recruits for this upcoming season. Among the new additions to the roster include Trevon and Trevin Woods the twin duo from Houston, Texas. No strangers to being packaged, the twins […]

Olasewere Makes The Portsmouth Invitational Tournament

BY: SHANEL GILBERT Just when you thought senior Jamal Olasewere was done gracing the pages of Seawanhaka, the 6’7” forward from Silver Spring Md. was chosen to participate in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (PIT). The invitational is the only post-season basketball camp that caters to senior athletes within the NCAA. Olasewere will be one of […]

Women’s Basketball Season Ends With Win

BY: SHANEL GILBERT LIU-Brooklyn’s women’s Basketball team ended its 2012-13 season with an uplifting win over Sacred Heart 73-68. Led by senior Krystal Wells with 16 points, the Blackbirds opened the second half down four, but junior Kelly Robinson immediately helped cut the deficit with a layup that put the blackbirds back within two points. […]

Blackbirds Secure Home Game In The NEC

BY: SHANEL GILBERT The men’s Basketball team managed to secure another game at the Brooklyn Campus after a much needed 96-90 win over Quinnipiac. Led by Senior Jamal Olasewere with a career high of 33 points the Blackbirds made the most of its senior night. Senior CJ Garner opened the closing period with just four […]

LIU Goes On Another L-Streak

BY: SHANEL GILBERT Led by senior Tamika Guz with 19 points, LIU Brooklyn’s women’s basketball team fell short as the Blackbirds were downed by Monmouth 60-69. The Blackbird took an early lead in the first but were unable to stop its opponent from swooping in from behind. Despite losing the lead LIU stayed close behind […]

LIU Falls to St. Francis Brooklyn

BY: SHANEL GILBERT Lead by senior Tamika Guz and freshman Sophie Bhasin with 16 points each, LIU-Brooklyn’s women’s basketball team dropped 2-9 in its conference after falling to St. Francis Brooklyn 62-70 last Saturday afternoon. The Blackbirds trailed early in the first and seemed not to be able to catch a break as the Terriers […]

Men’s Basketball Improves to 8-4 in Conference

BY: SHANEL GILBERT Traditionally quiet, last Sunday afternoon took a loud and aggressive turn as the Blackbirds faced off against rival St. Francis Brooklyn at the Barclays center. Led by senior Jamal Olasewere with 20 points, LIU ended the night on top 83-75 but the win did not come easy. “We didn’t have the same […]

More Bad News for Women’s Basketball

BY: JUSTIN ELLIS LIU’s women’s basketball team is in the midst of a miserable season with huge losing streaks. At this point thinking about next year would certainly be the right idea. The team as it is cannot catch a break. It’s quickly become too late to solve any problems that problems that may be […]

Blackbirds Halted By Robert Morris

BY: SHANEL GILBERT LIU-Brooklyn’s men’s basketball team had its six game win streak ended by a nail biting 57-60 loss to Robert Morris at the Wellness, Recreation and Athletic Center last Saturday afternoon. The knock down, drag out event stayed tight from start to finish and neither team was able to stray too far away […]

While You Were Out…Woman’s Basketball Gives Its All

  BY: SHANEL GILBERT Jan 21 marked the start of what could be a turnaround for the LIU-Brooklyn women’s basketball team. The Blackbirds picked up its first win since Dec 21 over Fairleigh Dickenson while also breaking an eight game losing streak. Led by senior Tamika Guz with 18 points, the Blackbirds seemed to be […]