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Tag: "aris folley"

Meet Costa Ronin

BY Aris Folley “It’s going to be a terrific show,” actor Costa Ronin raves assuring his faithful viewers and fans as word spreads of his upcoming role on Steven Spielberg’s latest CBS drama, Extant. Currently starring on FX’s The Americans as the clever KGB agent, Oleg Igorevich, Ronin has now just joined the ranks of […]

Mack Wilds Talks Upcoming Projects In LIU Visit

BY ARIS FOLLEY After recently scoring his debut Grammy nomination for his most buzzed about album, New York: A Love Story, the formerly successful actor, Tristan Mack Wilds, now reenters the spotlight on his rise as one of R & B’s newest emerging stars, Mack Wilds. With just hours left until his expected show time […]

Weekly Wrap Up

BY ARIS FOLLEY Currently in a lawsuit with previous Roc-A-Fella Records logo owner, clothing designer Dwayne Walker, “Holy Grail” rapper Jay Z may have to cough up more than lyrics given recent court proceedings. Walker, who apparently designed the logo for the rapper, claimed that he never received his rightful share in the profit Jay […]

Weekly Wrap Up

BY ARIS FOLLEY Arguably, one of the year’s most prominent weeks in entertainment, to date, this week’s highlights include 2014 grand annual Oscars, chart-topping Pharrell and his newest album, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s split, and, oh, how the list goes on. But first and foremost, this year’s most glamorous, and legendary night of film […]

When Country Meets Lingerie

BY ARIS FOLLEY Designer Kate Liegey of one of the hottest pieces of clothing out on the market enters the spotlight, yet again, after her highly sought-after line, Vintage Heartland, was selected as the sole lingerie brand to be given to celebrities attending one of the biggest country music events of the year, the star-studded […]

Super Bowl BLVD , Hit or Miss?

BY ARIS FOLLEY As football fans anxiously twiddle their thumbs in eagerness for one of the biggest championship nights of the year, Super Bowl Boulevard couldn’t arrive with much more anticipation game day. Practically a hotbed for thousands of NFL fans all over the world, myself included, the four-day celebratory spread of football-themed attractions and […]

A ‘Veggie’ On A Meal Plan: A College Tale

BY ARIS FOLLEY In the name of all that is vegetarian, let us all give a round of applause to one of the most annoying and, without fail, repetitive aspects of college life—the ever-so successfully frustrating college meal plan. Having been a vegetarian for roughly seven years, otherwise known as “veggie-veteran” by some, I find […]

Sugartooth Tours: A Holiday Treat

BY ARIS FOLLEY As the holidays grow nearer, the long-awaited Sugartooth Dessert Tour finally premiered on Nov. 23. Catering to the taste buds and minds of customers one delicacy at a time, patrons can venture through the delights and history of what the Union Square Holiday Market has to offer. Kicking off the tour, the […]

NYC Mayoral Election Ends In A Landslide Victory For De Blasio

BY ARIS FOLLEY As he is revealed walking from behind the blue curtain, a pandemonium of loud cheers and applause follow Bill de Blasio’s entrance. The scene provides the victory party with an atmosphere of community as New York City welcomes their newly elected mayor. Just last Tuesday night, before the celebration, New York City’s […]

Kerry Washington Hosts Saturday Night Live

BY ARIS FOLLEY Recent Emmy-nominee and rising star of ABC’s newly named ‘hit drama’ Scandal, Kerry Washington graces the stage as the latest black female to host Saturday Night Live, in light of recent controversy concerning the lack of racial diversity within the SNL cast. Washington’s performance rests alongside practically a handful of other successful […]