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Category: Videos

Seawanhaka News: Pilot

Here is the first  episode of The Seawanhaka News! This episode is a collaboration with LIU-TV. The news cast delivers a tasteful blend of both LIU Brooklyn news and current events. Original Air Date: March 27, 2014

Cat Greenleaf Interview

LIU Grad Makes Her Mark as NBC Talk Show Host Reporter, Desiree Rucker interviewed LIU Alumni Cat Greenleaf on her stoop in Brooklyn.  

Occupy Wall Street-Michael Moore Interview

Protesters in Manhattan’s financial district were camped out in Zuccotti Park were on Day 19 of the movement that has captured worldwide attention. The protest movement is known as “Occupy Wall Street.” Keeley Ibrahim went to the scene, after receiving an assignment at Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus, to cover the movement and interview protesters […]

Occupy Wall Street – Interview with Protester, Karen Smith

What role are college students playing at Occupy Wall Street? For students who are facing rising tuition, financial debt has become a costly reality. What does that mean for their present and future? Seawanhaka reporter Keeley Ibrahim files this report from the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests in lower Manhattan. Ibrahim interviews an ex-banker-Karen Smith, […]