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Category: Op Ed

To Sleep Or Not to Sleep: Here are 7 tips to get good sleep this semester

By: Deyuan Zheng, Staff Writer To sleep or not to sleep…is the eternal question that all college students ask themselves at some point of their academic career. We all know that sleep is a necessity, especially for those who are no strangers to hard work since it gives a chance for the brain to “process, […]

Op Ed: Are Students Losing Their Faith?

Devon wilks According to a recent study by UCLA, college students are losing their faith. It is estimated that almost 60% of college students drift away from their religious beliefs once they enter college. Such statistics are much greater for the students who live in dorms on college campuses. It is no surprise that once […]

Have You Ever Wondered Why Should Have To Take Required Classes That Don’t Apply to your Major?

Hafeezah Nazim   The most appealing thing about attending a university is the idea of having the freedom to choose. Students coming out of high school and into college are faced with a multitude of options. We can choose what we want to study, what time we want to take classes, when we want to […]

Gun Violence and Its Deadly Effects

Gun violence not slowing with average annual gun crimes committed at 491,930 per year

Why Internships Are Smart to Pursue During Your College Years

The importance of gaining experience during your college years and the impact it will have when you need a job

Why your college admission doesn’t make you capable for a credit-card way of life

Op-Ed: Why students should avoid credit cards

Homosexuality can be Unlearned?

Op-Ed: Student expresses opinion about sexuality being a learned behavior

LIU student speaks on the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Op-Ed: The evolution of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Build then compete

Body Competitions: What are they? Who  can compete?

Pencils, Crayons, Markers and Paint

Reasons why you should consider art as a hobby