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Category: Health


A Leg Day Discussion By Tajon Dunn Skipping leg day is commonly known as a sure fire way to become an Internet meme. The sheer amount of websites and blogs dedicated to sharing photos of people with “chicken legs” is growing by the day. This is a problem that needs to be addressed and I’m […]


By Tajon Dunn To juice, or not to juice? That is the question. I’m sure we all have heard a friend or relative mention the state of euphoria that they’ve been in since they began their juice cleanse. They mention that their skin has gotten clearer and is even glowing. They say that their hair […]

Designer Children Of The Future

BY ALYSSA DIAZ Imagine a future where you could actually avoid a disease your potential child may possess, or inherit. It seems as though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are looking into this theory but will it actually go into full effect anytime soon? Will ethical reasons put this type of genetic engineering down? […]

The Joys of Juicing

BY DESTINY L ROBINSON The life of a college student-especially is extremely hectic—the balance between core classes, exams, extracurricular activities and a social life often leave little to no room for wise nutritional choices. This is why juicing and making homemade-or dorm-made, fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies is such a great option for the college […]

Healthy Decisions At LIU Brooklyn

BY SIENNA JEFFRIES Getting an A in Philosophy 101 might seem as easy as keeping up with one’s personal health and fitness. However, because of study sessions with Red Bull, cookies, burgers and fries in LIU Brooklyn’s dining area—and no time to workout—the New Year’s resolution to have the perfect weight seems lost. It’s no […]

Suffering From Headaches?

BY RALPHNIE EDMOND Headaches are very common medical problem and a common cause of disability among men and women. Headaches interfere with the ability to work and to perform daily tasks. Some people have frequent headaches; other people hardly ever have them. Although headaches can be painful and distressing, they rarely indicate a serious condition. […]

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

by SHARON JOBBITY The National HIV/Aids calendar for 2014 begins with National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) on Feb. 7 2014 and ends with World Aids Day on Dec. 1. The calendar allows for public focus on critical aspects of the HIV epidemic or to highlight issues peculiar to certain subpopulations. The choice of Black […]

Health Editorial: Can Aids Get You Free Housing?

BY RALPHINE EDMOND As another World AIDS Day approaches, it is appropriate to examine the reoccurring challenges that individuals living with HIV/AIDS face. Individuals living with HIV/AIDS are in need of emotional support. People living with the disease often have limited incomes and need financial support. Having a diagnosis of the virus opens a whole […]

Breast Cancer Awareness

BY RALPHINE EDMOND Breast cancer develops in the breast tissue, primarily in the ducts or glands. Breast cancer usually begins with the formation of a small, confined tumor. The tumor grows and invades tissue around the breast, such as the skin or chest wall. Depending on the type of breast cancer, it can grow and […]

The “MY-ID” Medical Bracelet

BY KAREN MILLER Endevr, a Utah based wellness company, has created the myID—a digital medical wristband. The wristband is a personal identification bracelet, which can store the wearers’ medical information. During an emergency, medical professionals and first responders can assist patients more effectively by using the information stored. MyID stores vital information with a QR […]