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Category: News

OFF AIR: With Disabled Studio Equipment, WLIUBK Radio Fighting To Signal A Return

By: Nathalie Meyers, Staff Writer For executives and members of the student-run WLIUBK Radio, the studio located on the second floor club area in the Sloan building in room S227 has yet to be the lively area it once was. Unfortunately, dust is now gathering on its expensive studio broadcasting equipment. Yet, Frantz Gedeon, the […]

Too Close For Comfort? LIU Contract With Dining Provider Aramark Is Just Beginning

WRITTEN BY: KASIDY MORALES, NEWS EDITOR REPORTING BY: MICHAEL CHIN, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF In a recent interview with Seawanhaka, Gale Stevens Haynes – vice president of academic a airs and chief operating officer at the Brooklyn Campus – confirmed that LIU’s contract with Aramark, the university’s longtime food service provider, will run through at least 2025. “It’s […]

For A Day, LIU Students Expand Their Wings at Twitter

By: Brittney Alonzo, Managing Editor On Nov. 10, a selected group from LIU Post and Brooklyn came together for career day at the offices of Twitter Inc. in Chelsea, Manhattan. The visit was hosted by Lejorne Leys, an LIU Post graduate who is currently a recruiter for Twitter. The event was put together by the […]

Greek Life Inspires High School Students

By: Brittney Alonzo, Managing Editor On Nov. 2, LIU’s National Pan-Hellenic Council President (NPHC), Thelma Herbert and a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, hosted a tour and Q&A for 10th grade scholars from Achievement First East Brooklyn High School. This event came together with the help of teachers at Achievement First East Brooklyn High […]

LIU Students and Staff Still Grumbling Over Lack of News Flow

By: Lamont Jackson, Staff Writer Are LIU Brooklyn students – and staff – being updated about what they need to know on campus? That is the question many are still asking given that the fall semester began without any word from campus administration about any number of office changes and department modifications. Over the course […]

To Sleep Or Not to Sleep: Here are 7 tips to get good sleep this semester

By: Deyuan Zheng, Staff Writer To sleep or not to sleep…is the eternal question that all college students ask themselves at some point of their academic career. We all know that sleep is a necessity, especially for those who are no strangers to hard work since it gives a chance for the brain to “process, […]

Stay In The Loop With The Mclean Twins With The New CConnect App

By: Kasidy Morales, News Editor   For today’s generation, technology has become all-consuming. And now, two identical twin brothers are hoping that the app that they have been working on alongside other students from different campuses will connect LIU Brooklyn students to campus services and events. Called CConnect, the app is the creation of Brooklyn […]

Former U.S President Bill Clinton Talked Global and Domestic Politics At LIU Post

By: Michael Chin, Editor-in-Chief It’s not every day where you could be in the same room with a former United States President. But that’s exactly what happened for a few students from LIU Brooklyn who took a bus to attend the “A Conversation with President Clinton” event at LIU Post in Brookville on Oct. 5. […]

The Orgins Of The African American Day Parade

By: Huey Bennett, Staff Writer In New York, there is a parade for just about anything you could think of. For example; the Halloween parade, Chinese New Year, Gay Pride parade, Columbus Day parade, Mermaid parade, Panama Day parade, and the list goes on. But what exactly is the main purpose for all of these […]

Clubroom Shortage At LIU With Renovations At The Paramount Theater Coming Soon

By: Nyrrah Lubrun, Staff Writer If you’re a student-run club at the Brooklyn Campus without a room, then you’re going to have to wait a while. With renovations set to begin in December for the restoration of the historic Paramount Theater, many student club organizations have been told that they will not receive a classroom this year by campus life. But even now, […]