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Ex-President of LIU, David J. Steinberg presents “Preface To The Future – A History Of LIU Through The Turbulent 60’s”

By: Huey Bennett, Staff Writer

SGA President, Emily Barbara with Ex-LIU President, Daniel Steinberg PC: Huey Bennett

On Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017, the Ex-President of LIU, David J. Steinberg released his new book to the campus, “Preface To The Future – A History Of LIU Through The Turbulent 60’s”. The book, which has over 500 pages of glorious history from an outstanding university, goes over in full details, many trials and tribulations of the campuses from way-back-when, to our present time today.

Dr. David J. Steinberg gave a small brief background of himself. Steinberg, is the Ex-President of LIU, reigning in 28 great years of service to the campuses, from 1985-2013. He was a part of the restoration of Brooklyn, helping to make it become – “I am very proud of this place and what it has grown and developed into over the decades.”, said Steinberg.

“I worked with Gayle Haynes for many years at LIU. It took a little over 9 months to convince her to back to work at LIU. Together, we accomplished gaining the Kumble Theatre, 3,000 seats to the WRAC gym, and investing and improving LIU tremendously over the years. I worked with Peter Thomas and many other great people that helped improved this school. An actual fact – This book is the Final gift to the school.”, he mentioned.

Steinberg went on to mention other sections in his book, such as, “Why was there so much anger between the campuses of Brooklyn and C.W. Post?” “Distance, because the Brooklyn campus became such a great school, the Vietnam war, and new laws and regulations that were implemented in NY. There were also times in which LIU made it to the front of the NY Times, either in a good news or bad, which, bad news seemed to happen a lot, even to this day.” he also mentioned.

Although Steinberg said he was going to relax and take it each with his family after retirement, Steinberg went right work (a few weeks later) on his book.

“I started this booked soon, right after I retired.” Steinberg said. “It took me 4 years to finish it. Stuart Fishelson helped with gathering the pictures and design of the book. We went to the archives, to Seawanhaka, old students, school archives, and yearbooks. We did a lot of research and a lot of hard work into this [book], which is why it is the final gift to the school.” Steinberg stated.

The book is on sale now in the book sale for $24.99 at the LIU Bookstore. Come get your copy today!

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