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Archive for February, 2018

THE NEW DEAL: LIU AND RXR Realty Plan to Expand Brooklyn Campus

Developer Talks to Seawanhaka About Towering 34-Story Building In The Works By: Michael Chin, Editor-in-Chief Big changes are coming to the Long Island University’s Brooklyn campus after a multimillion-dollar deal was signed with Uniondale, N.Y.-based developer RXR Realty to construct a new high-rise building on the site of the current multi-sport athletic field. The university […]

a situation where we want to err on the side of safety

A formal staircase in the living room has an oak railing and leads to three second floor bedrooms and two full baths. The master bedroom has a vaulted ceiling, a walk in closet and private bath with a fiberglass shower stall. Two guest bedrooms share a hall bath and pull down steps lead to a […]

Always found it compelling

Always found it compelling that the club has claimed that the whole purpose of the naming is to honor an American Indian, and the behavior of the fans when they confronted with actual American Indians protesting is quite contrary to honor, Staurowsky says. Fact that this has been going on for years and the behavior […]

even more in Europe

Year we have tried to focus even more in Europe. That has meant learning from teams like Leinster and Munster. We had a Munster player (James Downey) playing with us a couple of seasons ago and we picked his brains on how Thomond Park gets turned into such a great environment on Champions Cup occasions.. […]

While Mpaka sleeps it off on the pavement

While Mpaka sleeps it off on the pavement, Beya returns to the shack she shares with her 14 year old son Gaetan Claudia. She calls neighbour kid Nathan Mulumba to find someone to fix her fridge and she is less than impressed when Mpaka wanders in and declares that the fan has gone jusr weeks […]

you look at the tools

“I think if you look at him, you look at the tools that he brings,” said Marc Eversley, the Sixers vice president of player personnel. “He’s very versatile, he’s got a great handle, he’s got terrific vision. He’s a great passer. We have our first upset. Can Portugal do a similar job on Germany? Find […]

who were accomplices

Complications quickly arose. Exchange cadets at Navy who were accomplices were given 24 hours to reveal the location of the goat or face severe consequences. Parents then were enlisted to move the goat to a new hiding place on a farm in New Jersey. The same goes for sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and all those […]

all four characters

In this reincarnation, all four characters from the first game make their return. They are also joined by a new playable character named John Morgan who has the special ability of punting zombies like fleshy rotting zombie footballs. You can import your leveled character from the first game, or start a new character completely. Cheap […]

They had fun exploring that cave

They had fun exploring that cave, and our spelunking adventure was salvaged. But there is no good reason to have closed off La Luz Mine altogether. I do not know who is responsible for this. Are actively working with (the Monterey County Resource Management Agency) for any windows that we can to get some access […]

average team

Alas, the average team score is well down into the 60s, reminiscent more of the paleolithic pre jump shot era. Basketball at its best is an artful game of grace, played with abandon by perhaps the finest, most complete athletes in the world, but the college sport has become too roughhouse. Officials permit defenders to […]