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Music to students’ ears when SoundCloud’s VP/Head of Global Marketing and Brand visited LIU’s Brooklyn Campus

By: Amanda Sickler, Staff Writer

Professor Lewis interviews DeJuan Wilson

It isn’t a daily happening to see a top executive from a major music streaming platform visiting on campus.

This happened on Wednesday, Nov. 15 when LIU students, who are enrolled in the Entertainment Journalism class were fortunate enough to hear from SoundCloud’s Vice President and Head of Global Marketing & Brand, DeJuan Wilson.

Wilson sat down with Professor Deborah Lewis for a chat, giving an insight into his career path which included stops at Coca-Cola, P-Diddy’s Sean Jean fashion and lifestyle brand, Converse, Viacom’s MTV, and LOGO before landing at SoundCloud.

 Wilson, fashionably dressed let students in on what life is like in such an industry and how his first job right out of college as an administrative assistant at Coca-Cola paved the way to top career moves at stellar companies.

The Morehouse College grad talked about what sets SoundCloud apart from other music streaming platforms as he told students that the music and podcast site is an open platform, meaning anyone can upload their music and audio to the site. This is definitely something that is desirable to new and rising artists because it gives them more artistic freedom, as there is no label telling them which direction to go in. They ultimately have all creative control.

In response to my question about what it is like having so many users on the site, and the role he plays in making sure the content reflects positively on the SoundCloud brand Mr.  Wilson says, “The executive team has no say in what is uploaded unless the content is brought to their attention for inappropriate reasons.”  The VP further explained that no one on the SoundCloud’s team has a say in the direction of an artist’s decision to go with their music or image, unlike artists under label representation.

For music lovers, myself included, this is extremely interesting as I always assumed well know artists like Chance the Rapper who solely release music through the SoundCloud platform were somewhat under the control of someone at the streaming platform. Wilson says not. 

Professor Lewis’ Entertainment Journalism class

That artists like Chance have this independence further attests to how amazing the SoundCloud platform is. As an outlet for artists of all music genres to release their works without any approval needed, other than their own, is great. ​

Hearing from Mr. Wilson about SoundCloud was clearly a once in a lifetime happening. As long as the platform stays true to its mission they will continue to grow as one of the world’s most popular music streaming services.

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