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Greek Life Inspires High School Students

By: Brittney Alonzo, Managing Editor

On Nov. 2, LIU’s National Pan-Hellenic Council President (NPHC), Thelma Herbert and a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, hosted a tour and Q&A for 10th grade scholars from Achievement First East Brooklyn High School.

This event came together with the help of teachers at Achievement First East Brooklyn High School, such as Jazmin Gordon-Rose, and is used to inform high school scholars about both college and Greek Life at LIU.

“My colleague, Breanna Henry, wants to reach out to someone at LIU. A lot of our scholars are on different college tours with NPHC. She wants to make sure our scholars know what Greek Life is about and meet people associated with it,” shared Gordon-Rose.

The students were shown Paramount theater, the Steinberg Wellness Center, and were taken up the Breezeway to see the Greek Life benches and Kumble Theater.

After a short break, the Q&A was convened and was joined by Roberto Joseph and Kareson Barnwell, members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, as well as Phi Beta Sigma member Huey Bennett.

The group of 10th grade students with members of Greek Life | PC: Michael Chin

The Q&A allowed the high school scholars to ask the Greek members questions about their experiences in college, the application process, and preparing for college.

“In preparation for college it’s okay to take your time. Once you graduate and you’re going into college you feel like, ‘I have to immediately choose and I’m stuck with that one option’,” explained Joseph.

“When I first started college I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I just wanted to make money. At the end of the day to love something you have to apply yourself into it, work your way there, and see what fits. Don’t just be lazy.”

Former LIU Track & Field athlete, Kearson Barnwell, shared his experience with his college application and how he was recruited by the University of Miami, but due to paperwork mishaps and a school restructuring ended up joining LIU’s Track & Field team instead.

Herbert also jumped in expressing the importance of getting applications done early, “If you can avoid applying to any schools late, then avoid it as much as possible.”

After nishing up the Q&A, one of the scholars, Jaydon DeRiggs, shared that participating in the tour and Q&A helped him gain some insight on to what his future could hold.

“When starting this trip, I didn’t find it interesting, but as I started to participate…I actually see that it helped me. It made me see what I want in my future and what is the best option for me.”

Overall, Herbert was “happy the NPHC had the opportunity to inspire the young scholars” and feels, “as President of the NPHC it’s imperative that that we mentor the youth and encourage success. The way we do that is by opening up the doors and showing them something different.”

Herbert left off saying, “The students of Achievement First East Brooklyn High School were happy to have the opportunity to visit LIU Brooklyn campus and enjoyed the tour.”

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