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LIU Students and Staff Still Grumbling Over Lack of News Flow

By: Lamont Jackson, Staff Writer

PC: Michael Chin

Are LIU Brooklyn students – and staff – being updated about what they need to know on campus? That is the question many are still asking given that the fall semester began without any word from campus administration about any number of office changes and department modifications.

Over the course of this past summer, the following changes took place across the campus:

The Deans’ office at Conolly Hall was once on the third floor of the Metcalfe building and has moved to the fifth floor of the Library Learning Center (LLC).

The Information (of) Technology (I.T.) office used to be on the second floor of LLC and is now on the third floor of the Metcalfe building.

The computer labs were on the second floor of LLC and has also moved to the fourth floor of the M-building. The School of Education was once at 9 Hanover Place and is now on the second floor of the LLC.

In fact, this crucial information is still not on LIU Brooklyn’s website nor listed as headlines on their website.

It wasn’t until Sept. 25, some three weeks into the new semester, that Kamel Lecheheb, the deputy chief information officer (CIO) and dean of Information Technology, sent a mass email to faculty that announced the office change of the IT office along with the Faculty Resource Center (FRC) – which is now in room 407 of the Metcalfe building – and the I.T. computer labs, which have also been relocated to the Metcalfe’s fourth floor.

Social Media & Enrollment Meanwhile, new updates were introduced concerning how to register for classes through the office of enrollment here at LIU Brooklyn. But students were not notified about this before the semester started.

LIU Brooklyn’s social networking accounts constantly keep their followers up-to-date about social events and athletics. Their platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook also regularly post news about Brooklyn attractions. However, the school’s social media accounts don’t keep their followers/students up-to-date about office changes and enrollment updates.

PC: Michael Chin

“Our goal is to keep students as up to date as possible regarding important University matters,” said Jessica Hayes, dean of students.

“We accomplish this through a variety of avenues, including, but not limited to: connecting with the Student Government Association, social media, and regular electronic communication.

Our LIU Promise Coaches also serve as an additional resource for information flow to our students. We encourage students to stay connected via their MYLIU email, social media, Seawanhaka, posters around campus, and regular contact with their Success Coach.”

Filling The Information Void And while campus administration has long complained that students have failed to check their university-issued email accounts, those who log on often say that the news they need to know rarely arrives there.

“Well, I feel like I’m really out of the loop, which is terrible because as a student I should have hands-on access to the things I need,” said first-year journalism student Kayla Castillo. “That way, it takes the work off of admissions, faculty, and everybody else. We don’t know. So, it’s just a complete run-around, always having to go to someone [else] for answers.”


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