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Student Spotlight: Destin Avery Talks About Her Love For Modeling

By: Diamond West, Staff Writer

Destin Avery is a 20-year-old biology major in her sophomore year. But her life isn’t ordinary since Avery is also a model. She took time out from the runway to talk to Seawanhaka.

PC: Destin Avery

Seawanhaka: At what age did you begin modeling?
Avery: 18. Not very long and that’s what surprises people. When you think ‘model’, you think someone who’s been doing this since they were younger than I was when I started.

Seawanhaka: What caused you to pursue modeling?
Avery: People always complimented my height and told me I was beautiful. They always told me I was photogenic. Of course, I took that because I knew I was tall and compliments just added to my confidence.

Seawanhaka: Have you attended any events that could further your interest in modeling?
Avery: My first year here, LIU offered many fashion shows, so I knew this was the perfect opportunity to showcase my passion. From there I was linked with many designers and other fashion events. So far, I’ve done six shows, a show at Baruch College coming up and recently did a fashion show with Reebok.

Seawanhaka: What are your top five songs that hype you up before your shows?
Avery: “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B, “Questions” by Chris Brown, any Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, and The Weekend. They all get me hype to kill the show.

Seawanhaka: What are there ups and downsides of being a model? How do you work through it?
Avery: The ups, it’s very fun, exciting, and you network with several types of people. The downsides, trying to find jobs. This is extremely hard, especially if you aren’t a zero to four size. I simply keep it pushing! My mother always told me to never give up and I follow that.

Seawanhaka: Top beauty essential you cannot go without?
Avery: I’m not really a make-up, all out kind of girl. I am big on face care. If I don’t use my Aveeno face wash, I already know my day won’t go smoothly. And of course my lips have to be on point!

PC: Destin Avery

Seawanhaka: What are the fears you’ve faced as a model?
Avery: Rejection. No matter how good you thought you were and did, someone is always going to better than you. But I try to not let that ruin the passion I have.

Seawanhaka: As a model people don’t understand…?
Avery: The struggle! People don’t understand that there are obstacles in which many models can’t overcome. It isn’t always how it’s portrayed on TV or different media platforms as fun and easy. There is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that goes into this pursued passion.

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