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Archive for October, 2017

Former U.S President Bill Clinton Talked Global and Domestic Politics At LIU Post

By: Michael Chin, Editor-in-Chief It’s not every day where you could be in the same room with a former United States President. But that’s exactly what happened for a few students from LIU Brooklyn who took a bus to attend the “A Conversation with President Clinton” event at LIU Post in Brookville on Oct. 5. […]

The Orgins Of The African American Day Parade

By: Huey Bennett, Staff Writer In New York, there is a parade for just about anything you could think of. For example; the Halloween parade, Chinese New Year, Gay Pride parade, Columbus Day parade, Mermaid parade, Panama Day parade, and the list goes on. But what exactly is the main purpose for all of these […]

Clubroom Shortage At LIU With Renovations At The Paramount Theater Coming Soon

By: Nyrrah Lubrun, Staff Writer If you’re a student-run club at the Brooklyn Campus without a room, then you’re going to have to wait a while. With renovations set to begin in December for the restoration of the historic Paramount Theater, many student club organizations have been told that they will not receive a classroom this year by campus life. But even now, […]

Student Spotlight: Destin Avery Talks About Her Love For Modeling

By: Diamond West, Staff Writer Destin Avery is a 20-year-old biology major in her sophomore year. But her life isn’t ordinary since Avery is also a model. She took time out from the runway to talk to Seawanhaka. Seawanhaka: At what age did you begin modeling? Avery: 18. Not very long and that’s what surprises […]

Campus Life and Student Groups Raise Funds For Fight Against Cancer

By: Noemi Perez and Marisa Fuentes, Staff Writers While Halloween gets most of the attention in October, this month carries a much deeper meaning for many people since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. To mark the occasion, Campus Life teamed up with LIU Radio and the Student Nursing Association to raise money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, which is a part […]

NEW BEGINNINGS: Grand opening of LIU Veterans Resource Center

By: Candice Mosal, Staff Writer When the new Student Veteran’s Resource Center opened its new office on Sept. 19, red and blue balloons filled the club space area. Since then, students and Brooklyn Campus involved in the program are now at work. “Here at LIU we pride ourselves in being a military friendly school,” said […]

Major Grant Gets LIU In an Eco-Friendly, New York State of Mind

By: Kasidy Morales, News Editor Will New York City make it to the future? And if it does, how will its people function? How will they live? Those are just some of the many questions that the Brooklyn Campus is trying to answer about New York and climate change after receiving a major grant last […]