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Rihanna Takes On The Makeup World

By: Ana Duran, Staff Writer

Rihanna is no stranger to branching out of her comfort zone. Not only is she a Grammy nominated singer, but also has a clothing line with Puma, collaborations with Manolo Blahnik and Chopard Jewelry.

On Sept. 8th, Rihanna finally dropped her long awaited makeup line that had every beauty lover shaking in their seats. The line, called Fenty Beauty, is available in 17 different countries and can also be found in-store at Sephora and online as well.

The collection includes all necessities for a complete look such as face primer, foundation, a lip gloss, highlighters, and many other products.

In an interview with Refinery29, Rihanna stated, “I wanted things that I love, then I also wanted things that girls of all skin tones could fall in love with.”

The makeup line was created with diversity in mind. Her main concentration was on the foundation which contains 40 different shades, catering to a wide variety of skin tones and ensuring that there is something for all skin types ranging from dark to light- skinned girls and everyone in between.

The emphasis of so many different shades of makeup truly shows that no matter who you are, there is makeup suitable for your skin. The deepest shades were one of the fastest of her products to sell out, showing everyone that deep shades do sell which has resulted in competing brands to begin creating a larger range of foundation shades.

Although Fenty Beauty is relatively new, there is no questioning the impact it has had creating a diverse community in the makeup world and what Rihanna has in store for us next.


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