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Students Still Unsatisfied With Levels Of Cleanliness On Campus

By: Hassan Coker

The concern of students and faculty at LIU Brooklyn’s Campus grew wary last semester as their campus was filled with pileups of garbage, dirty bathrooms and problems with rodents. As the spring semester comes close to an end, Seawanhaka held interviews with students to see if their complaints changed over the semester because of janitorial efforts, and if Yonkers based provider, A&A maintenance has fulfilled their role to keep the campus cleaner.“There haven’t really been that much change, there are so

“There haven’t really been that much change, there are so much students and hiring more Janitorial staff would help but they have to put more effort in, along with students,” says Mark Francis, Sophomore Undergraduate student. Seawanhaka also reached out to Dean of Students, Jessica Hayes who mentioned, “Serving our complex university with 8000 students and hundreds of faculty and staff can be a challenging task.” Cleanliness in LIU Brooklyn’s campus became a major sanitary issue after a contract with A&A maintenance.

The company, along with administration, introduced a new deployment strategy for Janitors last December, and the Brooklyn campus underwent drastic changes of deployment strategies as there were only two janitors deployed to a building. Dean Hayes weighed in on the provider’s new methods by stating that, “These new strategies allow for supervisors to help respond to campus needs and provides a system for our janitorial staff to work as a team to complete cleaning in their areas at night to assure everything is completed.” A couple students believed that that was not the case, and that there should be corporative efforts from both students and janitors.

Senior, Sarah Pierre mentioned, “It could be better, but I would prefer to be much better as other schools there are a lot of improvements that needs to be taken care of, but just making sure other students are encouraged as well to throw away their trash, its effortless to not add to the pile of trash but it’s unnecessary.”Students have come to believe that the improvements that were made weren’t enough to fully clean the campus. Some believe that the response time for Janitors have been slow ever since the new maintenance provider. “Actually I do not believe this university is clean, the Christian Fellowship Club had an event in the Avena Lounge and there was a dead rat in the middle of the lounge and I had to find a custodial staff to clean it, and that itself was complicated,” says Grad student, Devon Wilks. The response time to get a custodian on site has been slower than before since it’s harder to reach their office.

The office, which is usually closed for some reason makes sense why it’s hard reaching them on the phone. “I believe that the university should go back to how it was before where we have full time janitorial staff in the mornings and night instead of Janitors coming in the late afternoons,” added Wilks.

The janitors seem to not have enough time and enough people in teams to thoroughly clean the campus. According to Dean Hayes, “A&A maintenance is conducting more frequent deep cleanings which is contributing to the overall cleanliness of the campus. We are confident that in the months ahead services will continue to meet the demands of our community.” For many students, they have lost hope on the campus to be fully clean; there is still a lot of work to be done.

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