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President Cline Endorses University Endowment, Immigration Order In Letters to LIU Community

Hafeezah Nazim, Editor-IN-Chief

In her recent welcome letter for the Spring 2017 semester, President Cline has announced that LIU Brooklyn’s net assets grew by nearly $34.6 million, an increase from last November by 8.6%. The University’s endowment is now $138.8 million, an overall increase of $23 million per year.

Before the start of the new year, a transfer endowment was additionally made to the university in the amount of $25 million.

LIU President Kimberly Cline touts university's fiscal health.

LIU President Kimberly Cline touts university’s fiscal health.

According to Cline, transfer endowments “provide additional financial aid support for our students,” and that according to the U.S. Department of Education, LIU Brooklyn’s financial responsibility ratios remained at a 3.0 over the last year.

                                                              President Cline Addresses Immigration Order

In a follow-up letter to LIU students and faculty following President Trump’s executive order on immigration, President Cline expressed that LIU has actively reached out to “six students affected and has been working with three requesting assistance.

In addition to announcing her support of students and faculty affected by the order, Cline, along with 601 college and university presidents, has signed a letter by the American Council of Education to be sent to the Secretary of Homeland Security.The letter can be found in full at

After closing the letter by providing a list of on-campus as well as governmental resources to those affected. Students in need of help may contact Jessica Hayes, Dean of Students, while faculty and staff may contact Pamela Duffy, HR.

To those affected or know of someone who is, and want their story to be told, please contact Hafeezah Nazim to potentially profiled in a Seawanhaka interview:


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