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Seawanhaka Style Corner

By Hassan Coker

As a student of LIU Brooklyn one comes across different cultures everyday. This diversity can inspire stylistic dressing behavior in students. Here in Seawanhaka, we appreciate these students and their exquisite fashion sense. Because of this we are introducing the Seawanhaka Style Corner and featuring a student that portrays unique style every week. This week features 19-year-old, health-science major, Luckenia Guerrer.

When did you first fall in love with fashion? 

I never really paid much attention to fashion until recently; I would say around my senior year of high school. So I wouldn’t say that I have a love for fashion, but I would say that I pay more attention to it and that I am way more conscious about my fashion choices than I used to be.


The inspiration behind my outfits vary upon my mood for that day or week, but for the most part 95% of my outfits are styled around comfort. I love feeling comfortable in every aspect of the word, so when building my outfits I strive for maximum comfort, all the while trying to keep it clean cute and stylish.

Favorite designers?


Favorite designers? 

Honestly, I don’t follow fashion enough to really have a favorite designer. Even if I did, I don’t think I would have a favorite because there are too many different pieces that I like that’s designed from different people it would be hard to even choose a favorite.

Any up-and-coming street brands that you love to wear?

Some upcoming street brands I love are Electro Threads, Thugave, Sacred Crew, their clothing lines make a lot of clothing items and accessories based on black culture and movement.

Favorite aesthetics of certain brands?

My favorite aesthetic about certain brands are what they’re brand stands for and how they represent their brands. For example, Thugave has a very nostalgic aesthetic about it, featuring a lot of articles of clothing that showcase aspects from the 90s, which I’m sure every millennial would love.

Definition of style? 

Style to me is a lot like a personality. True style, I feel, comes from one’s own individual sense of fashion. Being you in every sense of the word, and confidently owning it. It is unique to one set individual and goes beyond just clothing. It’s like an impression, you can tell so much about a person through their style.

Has your style developed and changed attending LIU? 

Definitely! One thing I can say about LIU, is that its community holds some of the most creative and artistic people that I have ever met. And being here for three years now, I’ve been exposed to so much of that creativity it’s definitely impacted my style. It’s given me a wider range of lenses to look through when it comes to my style and how I view myself. I see things in a whole different light now more than I used too.

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