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Op Ed: Are Students Losing Their Faith?

Devon wilks

According to a recent study by UCLA, college students are losing their faith. It is estimated that almost 60% of college students drift away from their religious beliefs once they enter college.

Such statistics are much greater for the students who live in dorms on college campuses. It is no surprise that once students are away from their parents that they will make decisions that will ultimately change the direction of their lives.

It is the goal of every campus ministry to capture new students on the campus as they walk through university doors. The overall objective is to have students experience college but not drift away from their religious beliefs.

Here on the LIU Brooklyn campus we have a wide array of religious clubs and organizations that students can be a part of.

There is Coptic Orthodox Christians, Muslim Students Association, Shahabad, and the Christian Fellowship Club. It might surprise a lot of people that these organizations exist but they do.

When I entered LIU Brooklyn in September of 2009, it was my goal to find a Christian club. I come from a very religious family. They never forced religion on me or anyone else, but I understood how important it was for me to uphold my Christian beliefs and to make sure that

During a student club fair, I stumble across the Christian Fellowship club. I wrote my information down on the contact sheet and walked away. I ignored many emails for future meetings due to my schedule but one day I had the chance to attend a Tuesday meeting and I was glad I did.

As I walked into the room I was greeted by people my age who believed in what I believed in. I quickly joined in. After that we opened our Bibles and studied the word of God.

Every day since then I made sure I was a part of the Christian club. I am so happy that I was able to be a part of the club. I had no idea that I would even go on to serve as the president, event coordinator, secretary, and treasurer of the organization.

Now six years later, I am more ecstatic that this organization is standing strong and that is only possible because of the students who understand the need for religious guidance on campuses.

We understand that life gets complicated. Exams, papers, and finals along with our personal lives get in the way of things that we want to do.

At the same time we must not forget the morals and values that our parents and caregivers embedded in us while growing up.

The Christian Fellowship Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 a.m. in the chapel located on the third floor, across from financial aid. Stop by so that we can pray with you, help you with your studies, or just have some fun in between classes.

Don’t allow the stress of life to pull you away from what you believe in and everything that you stand for.

Devon Wilks is the President of Christian Fellowship Club

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