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SZA Drops Newest Z Album


Singer SZA recently released her first extended play album, Z, under the independent label Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE). TDE has slowly crept up a progressive path, becoming a hip hop music powerhouse with SZA resting as the label’s latest heavy weight addition to the roster (a decision probably made after hearing her sick, unique sounds). Although TDE has been known for representing rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, School Boy Q, AB Soul, Jay Rock and Isaiah Rashad, SZA seems to fit perfectly in the bunch due to her sense of positive consciousness in her music.

Singer SZA’s album cover Photo Credit: Courtesy of TDE

Singer SZA’s album cover
Photo Credit: Courtesy of TDE

Heavily underrated up until recently, the artist’s talent has become much more evident upon the release of Z. This mini-album has left an impression in the music community, giving listeners a sense of a force who is here to stay. The album is nothing less of superb with intricate melodic sounds that serves to carry listeners to SZA’s land of mellowness attributable to her new wave heartfelt lyrics.

This musical project places the listeners into SZA’s heart and mind. The perfect sentiments for the type of music to touch an individual’s soul with lyrics such as “Let the church say amen/ Release all my sins at the pulpit”. The song, “Omega”, continues with more spiritual lyrics, “Adonai, Ya Allah answer my calls if you hear me”, for a true finale of last song.

This kicker of a track is a great way to end an album as the musician follows her protocol letting her inner being flow throughout the track. Such a practice is a rarity, especially in a day and age where most artists are simply mere imitations of each other, conforming to the same repetitive lyrics. In a music era in which the majority of artists are in fear of being themselves, SZA strays from the barriers of tradition, taking the “risky” route as she is sure to sustain her element in every song.

The album opens up to a deep revolutionary song produced by Pittsburg’s very own rapper and producer Mac Miller. The opening lyrics of the song would capture any conscious person’s attention at first listen, “Clarity is a state of mind/ Freedom ain’t real who sold you that lie/ I ain’t buying it”. In these lyrics SZA paints her listeners a picture of her perceptions of the world instilling in her fans a sense of stability, focus and inner peace that seems to fulfill the main purpose of every individual’s life, whether it is rich or poor.

The presence of her journey to stardom sounds throughout every note of the songs in this collection. This iconic project in SZA’s career contains three features, two of which feature the label’s own rappers. Listeners were granted the presence of rappers Kendrick Lamar and Isaiah Rashad, in addition to rapper Chance gracing us with his unorthodox style of rapping on “Child’s Play”.

A song with familiar sounds of Orlando Producer, XXYYXX “About you” and her calm and collective voice stand to be a perfect fit for the three-minute wavy track. This track is recommended for any person who loves a combination of genres in music, specifically from electric to jazz infusion. I would go even further to name such an album to be a euphonious match for the ears new wave lovers everywhere.

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