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Somo Releases Self-Titled Debut Album, Finally


After four years of covering the likes of big name artists such as Ciara, Chris Brown, Miguel and August Alsina on YouTube, R&B star SoMo has released his highly anticipated self-titled album, hoping to have other people cover his songs on Youtube. Filled with Motown-inspired numbers, slow and sexy anthems, and R&B power ballads, SoMo is hoping to claim a place on the list of the best R&B releases of the year.

One of the best qualities that the album possesses is its versatility. Undoubtedly, the sound of R&B is evident, but he proves that the genre doesn’t just have one sound. He can easily play a song like “I Do It All for You”; a classic R&B song that takes you back to the 70’s with the Jackson 5 and The Supremes, and then switch to a more sensual track, “We Can Make Love”, a song that is similar to songs by Miguel and Trey Songz.
What’s special about “I Do It All for You” is it’s classic nature, yet it’s clear modern taste it possesses. This song is an ode to his lover that he feels gives him purpose as he sings “I do it all for you, I do it all for us/The stars in the sky can’t amount to my love/Ain’t no cloudy days, just sweet lemonade/ You’re the perfect addition to my every wish”.

Musician SoMo's new album cover Photo Credit: Republic Recorda

Musician SoMo’s new album cover
Photo Credit: Republic Recorda

One of the most highlighted songs of the album is “Show Off”. Everything from the melody to the lyrics, even the progressive synths, makes this an A-quality track. It’s radio-friendly, but in no way a regular mainstream sellout. With great promotion, this song has the potential to be a future hit.

Another great thing about the album is that its almost impossible to bore any listener. SoMo definitely does his slower songs justice by pairing the soothing tunes with smooth lyrics. Like on “Crash” he sings, “Head first, chest hurts, never thought it’d get worse/ Let the bottle pour it in, drown out all these mess ups”. And one of the tender ballads on the album is “Blind”, which he brilliantly uses as a one-minute teaser.
The piano-slamming “Hush” is one of the album’s faster-paced tracks. It begins with a vibe that has a Stevie Wonder vibe, then throughout the song the beat break down a few times and each time is effective which is pretty impressive. SoMo, again, successfully takes a classic vibe and contemporizes it to expand its audience.

“Fire” is the perfect way to describe the song. Props are due to producers Mick Schultz and Cody Tarpley, who essentially handled the production for the entire album, for constructing such an addictive beat. The energy never dies on this Hip-Hop beat that SoMo tames perfectly.
SoMo’s first single “Ride”, which was released last year, appears on the album. A gold-certified hit, “Ride” showcases the singers stunning range and his ability to smoothly transition from a cover star to a legitimate American recording artist.

He ends the album with the “Red Lighter”, a pop ballad. The ballad is almost reminiscent of a Christian-Contemporary song, initially. But when you hit chorus, SoMo awakens you with his soulful voice luring the audience to a suave ending for the rather chilled album.

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