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Blackbirds “Shaking Our…Heads!” Preview


Radio Personality Tray Famous hosts SMDH program Photo Credit: Seawanhaka Press

Radio Personality Tray Famous hosts SMDH program
Photo Credit: Seawanhaka Press

Move over MTV-U, because LIUTV is stepping up its television game. LIU’s own campus broadcasting station is starting a new series, that will inevitably have Blackbirds new and old laughing their feathers off. Shaking My Damn Head (SMDH) is a new show that will be broadcasted for students to watch on channel 36 on campus television.

Directed by Xiomara Henry (LIUTV member), and executive produced by Randy Sanchez(General Manager), ‘Shaking My Damn Head’ is a 30-minute clip show that resembles a shorter, LIU-er version of MTV’s Ridiculousness. Shaking My Damn Head features a myriad of colorful clips from Youtube and various social media outlets that revolve around things in society that basically make us, well, shake our damn heads.

The pilot episode of ‘Shaking My Damn Head’ is hosted by Travontae Williams, alongside his three panelists, Kris Williams, Shateama Mays, and Hillary Bebop. Together, the foursome discuss and add commentary to clips about animals, parkour, dancing, and so much more. When asked if he would actually watch LIU’s Shaking My Damn Head, Health Science major Christopher Richards said, “Why not? It’s creative and different.” Freshman Saniye Reyhan also added, “I think Randy really pulled it off, it’s funny. I’m excited to see where the show goes.”

In regards to the production of the show, Xiomara Henry of LIUTV says, “We want to film it as if it is a real tv show, like with cuts for commercial breaks in-between.” If you want to get involved, featured in an episode, or be apart of the panel, LIUTV is always looking for people to join and engage themselves in the show, even if only for one day.

So if you’re looking for something different to do on campus, grab some friends, and come down to the Rec Lounge in Conolly Hall on Thursdays at 10:00 p.m, to become immersed in a show that will ruffle your Blackbird feathers!

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