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Archive for February, 2014

Upon discovering the text, drug companies soon latched onto it

Looked back on these past few years and I wasted a lot of time, wasted years of my career, just not dedicating the time I should have to the sport, Adu said. Time wasted. Lucky for me, I started so early that time wasted doesn mean I 33 or 34 and it too late for […]

Record Snow Daze, ER, Days Hit LIU

BY SAGE HOWARD If this winter feels like one for the record books, there’s new data to support the finding. According to the National Weather Service, more than 57 inches of snow has fallen in New York City since winter began, resulting in several closures across the LIU campuses. And while some critics believe that […]

Finding Textbook Bargins Require Paper Chase

BY JESSICA PERSAUD With a new semester underway, the first order of business for many students is buying textbooks. But in recent years, prices have risen to such a degree that some have grown skeptical about purchasing them. In fact, according to FinAid – an online resource guide geared to students – students spent an […]

Changes Come To LIU Brooklyn’s Dorms

BY HAFEEZAH NAZIM New, changes are coming to Conolly Residence Hall this year! Residence Hall Director Amanda Pryor is initiating programs that will allow students that dorm to come together even more in the upcoming semesters. Many of her ideas have been in action already, such as the new guest policy, which will allow students […]

LIU, Meet One Of The New Pharmaceutical Directors

BY ALYSSA DIAZ Recently at LIU, Dr. Anthony Cutie, who served as director of Long Island University’s pharmaceutical divisions, has taken a year’s leave. For more than four decades, Dr.Cutie has been actively involved in the pharmacy program. He has won many awards, and fulfilled many accomplishments. But as he takes his leave, his title […]

Nelson George Makes His LIU Brooklyn Debut

BY SHANNON THOMAS He won a Grammy Award for his liner notes in a James Brown album. Spike Lee shot parts of the classic film, “She’s Gotta Have It” right in his Brooklyn apartment. He also produced scores of best-selling books and documentaries. And now, he’s set his sights on teaching at the Brooklyn Campus. […]

Healthy Decisions At LIU Brooklyn

BY SIENNA JEFFRIES Getting an A in Philosophy 101 might seem as easy as keeping up with one’s personal health and fitness. However, because of study sessions with Red Bull, cookies, burgers and fries in LIU Brooklyn’s dining area—and no time to workout—the New Year’s resolution to have the perfect weight seems lost. It’s no […]

Weekly Wrap Up

BY ANN DULUC This week in entertainment, we bring you the latest scoop of outrageous news featuring baby announcements and the most recent Bieber road bump, literally. First, can you guess which Olympic athlete adopted four strayed puppies and the mother in Russia? That would be Gus Kenworthy, the American silver medalist. Kenworthy just finalized […]

Cultural Infusion: LIU Meets The World

BY ARIS FOLLEY On a Thursday night, February 20th, LIU blackbirds and visitors looked no further than the coveted Kumble Theater for an evening of free entertainment and dining at an event where both culture and Brooklyn intersected, “Cultural Infusion: Living in Unity.” Shockingly, for the price of nothing, considering the university’s current standing, students […]

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Where Fall Begins

BY BENI CHOUDBURY New York City is a vast city known for its diversity in people, as well as its diversity in intense fashion statements. If you journey through our five different boroughs you will find a specific trend that is unique to each borough. Even in each borough, you can go through a neighborhood […]