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Archive for December, 2013

LIU Joins Brooklyn’s Start-Up Brigade

BY SARAH ZHOU The School of Business at LIU’s Brooklyn Campus recently launched a bachelor’s degree program in entrepreneurship to meet the growing demand of students interested in pursuing careers in the tech sector. “Entrepreneurship is a skill set that students can use in various avenues and disciplines in life,” said Hugh Carrington, an adjunct […]

MTA Reduces Planned Hike, But Riders Hardly Joyful

BY JIBRIL RAHIM Few local agencies capture the attention of more New Yorkers than the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). And that was certainly the case recently as the MTA issued its proposed subway and bus fare increases to be implemented over the next several years. While the figures mark a sharp reduction from what was […]

Campus Clubs Fear Budget Woes Heading Their Way

BY SAGE HOWARD For most of the semester, LIU has been consumed with uncertainty over the impact of budget cuts being instituted at the Brooklyn Campus. Also worried are leaders of student organizations. And while campus officials contend that the cuts largely won’t affect their bottom line, some student leaders aren’t so sure. In a […]

Student Loan Assistant Program

BY LORI YOUNGSTON If you are struggling to pay off your federal student loans, there are several options that can help you either receive a discharge or forgiveness of your student loans or reduce the monthly payment to reflect your difficult financial situation. These are the Teacher Loan Forgiveness, Public Service Loan Forgiveness and Income […]

LIU’S Fourth Annual Health Fair

BY KABRAUN DIXON College students are more likely to develop chronic health issues, according to a recent study. Medical News Today said about one-third of students are overweight and more than 75 percent of students do not meet their nutrition requirements. On Dec. 4, LIU Brooklyn hosted their fourth annual health fair to promote the […]

Get A Job!

BY KATHLEEN BRADY These three powerful words often leave new graduates paralyzed for several reasons, one of which is that advice on exactly how to get a job is overwhelming and oftentimes conflicting. Some experts advise you to hold out for your “dream” job, while others suggest you get “any” job to start paying back […]

Watson Fellowship: A Prime Opportunity At LIU

BY JOSH LAMORE LIU is all about helping you find out how good you really are, but what do you do after you find out? Scoring an internship is one good way to go. In fact, the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship program enhances the basic internship opportunity by offering a three year program that expands […]

The Effect of Social Media

BY BRITTANY RADER Society’s recent infatuation with gizmos and gadgets have enabled technology to weasel its way into many aspects of people’s daily lives. Social media, in particular, has left a brawny footprint on milestone moments in an individual’s life, such as job recruitment, college acceptance, and collegiate athletic eligibility. Many studies, like the 2012 […]

Weekly Wrap Up

BY ANN DULUC The 2014 Grammy nominations had been announced! The 56th annual award ceremony is set to air on January 26. Forbes magazine names the event a “Big Night for Hip-Hop.” Jay-Z leads the contest with 9 nominations with Kendrick Lamar following with 5. The California rapper is running against Taylor Swift’s Red for […]

LIU’S Most Fashionable

BY YANA NADELYAEVA Some people consider New York City a world capital of fashion, although Parisians or citizens of Milan probably will not agree with this view. Nonetheless, stylish New Yorkers can be found not only attending fashion shows, but walking down the city streets, making their way to office or classroom. Long Island University […]