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A Letter from The Managing Editor


My name is Karen Miller and I am the new Managing Editor for Seawanhaka Press. I am a senior majoring in Jour- nalism. I have been a part of Seawan- haka since Fall 2011, and I absolutely love how Seawanhaka plays such an important role in the LIU community as the voice of the students.
I remember the year I changed my major from nursing to journalism, I received negative feedback. However,
I knew in my heart I made the correct decision. I was encouraged from Ralph Engelman the Chairman of the Journalism Department to become a staff writer for Seawanhaka Press.

When I first joined the paper, I was a horrible writer and had no experience in journalism. I remember times when I started to feel as though I picked the wrong major. But with practice while at my first internship at Downtown Magazine, and reading the New York Times, I improved immensely. My hard work paid off and I was offered the Arts and Entertainment Editor position for Fall 2012 to Spring 2013.

I believe without Seawanhaka I would not have been giving the amazing accomplishments I have encountered. I currently have a paid internship at Island Def Jam Music Group and on CBS’ 92.3 Now FM night segment show. I strongly believe my past mistakes have made me stronger writer and reporter.

After graduation I plan to become a television or radio producer. I want to make my mother proud, and despite growing up in a single parent household, I will become a successful woman in the media business. I have many great ideas for developing and producing story ideas and I cannot wait to share my ideas with the world.I encourage all media and communication students to become involved with their campus media.

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