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Archive for March, 2013

What seemed to be jeans were actually vegetable dyed leather

We’re OK with a good red carpet trend after all Knockoff Hermes, sheer dresses are popping up everywhere as well but we’re feeling a bit. Over legged. We’ve filled our upper thigh quota and seen more near wardrobe malfunctions than we ever asked for. Show is becoming more than I could have imagined Replica Hermes, […]

Getting this mix breed is a big responsibility because it will

Again, they want more! Make other people feel welcome by allowing them to comment on your profile. Let them contact you at anytime. You can even make a video thanking your subscribers for subscribing to you. Inventions are becoming ever more complex. Even simple inventions often require some sort of control system. He discusses new […]

Seawanhaka Press 03-28-13

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Long Island Makes History With Three-Peat

BY: SHANEL GILBERT Early in the school year, four members of LIU’s men’s basketball team found themselves unsure if their college career would come to a grinding halt. The athletes had been suspended from LIU-Brooklyn due to their involvement in an altercation that occurred on campus. As time dragged on, things only seemed to get […]

In Celebration of Women’s History Month

BY: PROFESSOR SRIVIDHYA SWAMINATHAN Celebrating Women’s History Month is an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the many valuable contributions women make to American society and societies all over the world. The very nature of highlighting positive accomplishments may seem to paint an overly rosy portrait of women’s position in American society. The issue is in […]

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Rajul Punjabi

BY: SHANNON THOMAS Rajul Punjabi is an English and journalism professor at LIU Brooklyn. She received her undergraduate degree from Kearn University in New Jersey and pursued her master’s at the Brooklyn Campus. After graduating, Punjabi began her professional career as a journalist and has had been published in VIBE, Playboy, GIANT and on the […]

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Dr. Gail-Ann Venzen

BY: SHANNON THOMAS Dr. Gail-Ann Venzen is an associate professor at LIU Brooklyn. Originally from Trinidad, Venzen received a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Brooklyn College and her Ph.D. from Howard University. She has been a professor at LIU for 18 years and currently teaches oral communication, public speaking, business communication and debate. Venzen began […]

Welcome To Mayor Bloomberg University

BY: NOELANI MONTERO Why not ban trans-fat in the cafeteria? Banish high fructose corn syrup drinks from vending machines. Deport the salt shakers, along with the Big Gulp. While we’re at it, LIU Brooklyn students are forbidden from using music earplugs— it damages their ears and prevents them from hearing professors. Although detrimental to one’s […]

Nicki Minaj As You’ve Never Seen Her Before

BY: JERVELLE FREDERICK Sporting a buckle-embellished black leather jacket by Tom Ford and a natural look, Nicki Minaj grazes the cover of Elle Magazine’s April 2013 issue. The rap diva is known for her over the top wigs and excessive use of makeup. This toned down Nicki is one that the public is unfamiliar with. […]

World Health Issue: Diabetes

BY: JIBRIL RAHIM Diabetes has been a serious health issue for several years. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 347 million people have diabetes and many people do not truly understand the disease. Diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not produce a sufficient amount of insulin to regulate carbohydrate and fat metabolism or the […]