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Archive for December, 2012

Taking A Closer Look At LIU-Barclays Center Ties

BY: NICOLE WILLIAMS When the Brooklyn Campus’ Men’s Basketball team played its season opener last month – which the Blackbirds lost in dramatic fashion to Morehead State, 77-74 – the game was, in many respects, a mere footnote to a much larger story. Played at the newly-opened Barclays Center, LIU Brooklyn campus officials, faculty and […]

News In Brief: LIU Basketball Player Arrested Again

BY: CHASE MELVIN Julian Boyd, star power forward of the LIU Men’s Basketball team, was arrested for allegedly shoplifting at a local convenience store in October. Detective Frank Liuzzi of the 88th Precinct reported to the Kings County Criminal Court that Boyd, the 2012 Northeast Conference Player of the Year, committed the offense of petit […]

Sound Yearbook Still Making Noise With A Notable Honor

BY: BRITTANY THOMPSON As 2012 draws to a close, Sound – the Brooklyn Campus’ yearbook – is still basking in the glow of success after earning another prestigious award earlier this year. In August, Sound learned that it received a certificate of merit in the Premier Print Awards – which is distributed by the Printing […]

Social Media Addicts Hold That Phone, Er, Thought in The Classroom

BY: MICHELLE LAWTON Social media has revolutionized the academic world in recent years by expanding access to more information, at a faster speed, than ever before. But it’s also raising more questions – for students and professors alike – than even a Google search can answer. It’s a dilemma that Marie Souffrant, a first-year graduate […]

Haunting Exhibit Makes Powerful Point On Global Conflict

BY: ASHLEY THOMPSON “Ghost in the Shell” sounds like a horror film that one might pay almost $15 to see at a movie theater. Instead, it’s a striking exhibit that is currently housed at the Brooklyn Campus’ Humanities Gallery, which is just in front of the Kumble Theater. Inside the glass-sealed gallery, photojournalist Damaso Reyes […]

Charge It Up? Not So Fast, More Students Say

BY: ADRIENNE BLACK As a child, the only real method of payment is the few coins that have been saved up over time in a jar. But unfortunately, bringing your piggy bank to the cash register is not as acceptable in adulthood. In fact, cash is so rarely used that some people have probably forgotten […]

LIU Brooklyn Rocked The Youth Vote

BY: JESSICA LISSAINT The LIU Brooklyn community embraced the double-edged sword of the 2012 presidential election with open arms. The debate at Kumble Theater on Sept. 26, voter registration drives, the LIU Rocks the Vote event and the last LIU student debate at Triangle Theater were sufficient efforts to persuade more student voter turnout. A […]

Another American Recession on The Horizon?

BY: KAREN MILLER Since Barack Obama was elected President in 2008, he has stated he wants to eliminate former President George W. Bush’s high tax rates for people earning less than $250,000. Obama’s proposal has faced a lot of negative feedback from Congress and the Republican Party and four years later, Americans earning less are […]

What Is Endometriosis?

BY: RALPHNIE EDMOND Endometriosis is a noncancerous disorder in which pieces of endometrial tissue normally occurring only in the lining of the uterus (endometrium) grow outside the uterus. Endometriosis is a chronic disorder that may be painful. Exactly how many women have endometriosis is unknown, however, it can usually be diagnosed only by directly viewing […]

Beauty, The Beast and the Basis

BY: KEELEY IBRAHIM Imagine your favorite fairy tale reimagined-what would it be? Some might say they’d love to see the tale of Beauty and the Beast told for an older generation. Good news- It’s already been done several times, but nothing compares to the new version of Beauty and the Beast on the CW. Austin […]